Monday, December 21, 2009

Hardest on Self

After "submitting" my 2009 blurb to my dad for publication in our annual Christmas letter, I realized that I have been way too hard about myself and my accomplishments this year. Here is what I wrote:

"In 2009 Jenny had a successful run with hershort animated film, Jellyfish Niche, which screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival as well as at Comic-Con with the San Diego International Children's Film Festival. She also received three generous grants from the Donor Awards through UCLA; awarded based on merit and dedication. Jenny was also awarded an apprenticeship with the graduate program, assisting in teaching computer animation to other graduate students. In June, Jenny completed her second short film, Squirrel Tale, which she plans to screen at festivals in 2010. Jenny is set to complete her MFA in June."
I didn't even mention the awesome task of organizing Prom this year, as well as having the honor of awarding David Silverman with our first annual award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation. In March I presented a design project to Disney Execs as part of a class and my group won first prize!!! The trip to Cozumel for Heather's Wedding was a huge deal as well.... NO WONDER I was burnt out by the start of school this year. I had finished a film (Squirrel Tale) in June and continued working on it through September, attended film festivals for Jellyfish Niche,
organized Prom, started my TA-ship, and all the while finishing all of my other classes as well AND holding a job at the student services office.... Not to mention the little thing that is my health that only allows productivity for a few hours a day at best. Damn I'm motivated.
So this winter I'm giving myself a break... well I guess only until 2010 starts. I've got to hit the ground running come 12:01am January 1. I really foresee next year as being explosively awesome.

Good job, 2009. This was a very typical "9" year in all aspects, a lot of endings, a lot of lessons learned. Dusting myself off and readying my busy hands for a fabulous fresh start.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bah Humbugh!

It was my complete and utter intention to start this blog in order to post cute quips that reflected the sparkly rainbow pony within me, however as soon as I sit down to write my mind shoots off into space to ask the Big Questions, so I realize this cute quippy blog thing is just not going to happen for me.

The ponderings of my mind are just too constant and wild and my life too complicated to pull out a lightning fast this or that of the day, so today I will just resign to posting a fabulous holiday photo of us Sherman sisters (although only 2 are still technically "Shermans") that I made with the help of the ingenious

Merry Christmas, and have a very Happy New Year!

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