Monday, February 28, 2011

some Happeh

mondayyyyyyyyyyy means need of happy. Since caffeine is out of the question I will post web LOLs and Oooohs. Hope you all have a happy monday. =)

Funny Pictures - Elephant on a Trampoline Gifs
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I WANT!? (ouch plus awesome?)

(Enjoyed watching episodes I, II, and III over the past few weekends on Spike TV)

In other news, Episode 3 of The Micros has launched! Had fun working on this episode, what a great group of guys to work with and I see The Micros doing big things. Cheers!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Endless Zelda Celebration

The Zelda Celebration just continues! There is so much exploding on the web with the 25th birthday of The Legend of Zelda and I'm here to share it all!

First up, this epic scroll painting found on

Next, shares videos, music, game secrets and reviews, and everything else Zelda you can think of.

Of course, Hulu is also celebrating by posting the 13 episodes made for TV, which are supremely cheesy and addicting. Will Link ever get a kiss from Princess Zelda!?

So much good stuff. I wished to share drawings I have made over my many years in Zelda fan-dom, but all my books are in California *sigh*. Time to make new ones! In the mean time, enjoy these other favorite Zelda Fan images:

By Genzoman

Link and Navi

By ZaphK

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Madagascar, a Journey Diary

This film is so very inspiring! So many times I was like "woah".
No wonder it was nominated for an Oscar.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Link to the Past

Hulu is celebrating The Legend of Zelda's 25th birthday! It is showing all 13 episodes of the animated series started in 1989. As I watched I sketched a little. =P I certainly hope to have more energy to keep up my drawing and do some real stuff that I have in mind. Enjoy Zelda! I think now I'll go play the game.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine

Ah Another Valentine's Day, come and gone. Had grand plans for drawings but my day was filled with work and naps to keep this cold of mine from getting out of control. Between sneezing and animating I fantasized of all the lovely things I would really like to create today and instead found solace and comfort in counting my blessings and practicing gratitude. I am truly grateful for all the love that surrounds me, my wonderful friends, family, doggies, and squirrels. So today I'll share just a couple of things that make my heart happy, even in the darkest moments before dawn.

By Brittney Lee

By Pascal Campion

I Can Has Hot Dog

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Falling Lizard 2011

Presenting, "The Working Animator" made for UCLA Workshop's annual weekend of animating maddnessssss. A compilation of some of the conversations I have had with non-animators about animating. =D Enjoy!

Animated with Xtranormal State.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sparkles and rainbows and ponies OH MY!

Here's a preview of what's to come on the next episode of The Micros....

I love my job.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Pot Luck Post

Lots to share, where to begin?

Found out today that my little film, "Squirrel Tale" is still making the rounds in the Festival Circuit, next hitting up the San Francisco International Children's Film Festival as part of WonderCon (sister to ComicCon) the first weekend in April 2011. This gets me excited to break out "Falling For You" and get it festival ready. Hopefully it will be hitting the circuit in 2012.

Now for some fun. My friend Gina posted this Space Unicorn video on my wall yesterday, and it made my day and I hope it makes yours too!

Super Bowl was fun, nice tushies in tight pants and also great ads. Though there was lots of animation, my two fav animated ads were Coke's dragon ad, and VW's racing beetle ad (and the adorable little Darth Vader! TO DIE!). VFX tho desceptively simple, ruled my world in the E-Trade Baby commercials.

So the winners are definitely Coke, VW, and ETrade.

Coming up! Valentine's Day. I promise to draw and bring music to the blog. =D This libra's got a lot of love to share!